Anton is from Sector 7 and he doesn’t like what he sees. Few people know about Oblivion, but he does. It’s his goal to take them down no matter the cost. Joining him on his mission is a rogue group of rebels led by double agent Ventro. While they tackle Oblivion’s grip on Sector 7, mysterious vigilante Death shows up, her intentions unknown.

This series is set in 2192, a dystopian future where the world is ruled by a single government, Oblivion. They overthrew the former world powers on an undisclosed date and attempted to unite the world under their rule. Some countries rebelled. Their rebellion was in vain, as it was already too late. The world was split into 16 Sectors. Those who rebelled ended up poor and punished for their rebellion. Those who supported Oblivion prospered under the new ruling while those who stayed passive retained the middle class standing.

I’ve finished the first draft of the first book, 2192: Nerves and I’m in the middle of editing it and figuring out how I’m gonna get this bad boy out into the world. You can check out the first chapter here. At the same time, I’m also writing the second book in the series (while working on another secret project shhh).

RWBY Assassin Fanfic

Blake’s an assassin working for the Schnee Death Company (SDC) and Yang’s a gang leader with a bounty on her head. Blake stumbles into her apartment with the intention to kill, but Yang doesn’t let her leave.

I swore I’d never write fanfic, but I hadn’t come across the right characters/universe. Plus it’s good for exposure or something. You can read the first chapter here, or on Archive of Our Own.

Unnamed Project

She’s Lauren’s first love, actually, she’s a lot of Lauren’s firsts…
To Arryn, she’s the one who got away, but it’s so much more than that…
Now they’re living separate lives, barely sparing a thought for the other, that is until Arryn’s girlfriend dies suddenly, pushing her onto a suicidal path. A single event brings them together for a moment, but is it enough to make a lasting impact? Or are their past lives too big a barrier?

More information coming soon.

The Empathy Series

While it’s currently on hiatus, I’ve created a mini-series (two stories) right here on my website that explores the idea of empathy. We live in a world void of empathy and it’s important that people learn what it is and are taught how to be empathetic. That’s why I started writing a mini-series of short stories, with the intention of showing anyone and everyone, how to see things outside of their own perspective. The series will return at an unknown date, but you can read the first story here.




Graphic Design

Most of my work here is just artwork concepts for my upcoming novels. Currently I’m focusing on other things but I will update this section if I ever decide to get back to this.

If you want to see my previous work, visit my page at Redbubble – NotEleven