2192: Nerves – Bleach

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Ventro – Bleach

Sector 7, Tamiku

Saturday August 11th, 2192

As I paced down the cold passageway towards the office, I kept my face neutral; even though I was dreading every second. The plush carpet was a light grey, filling the wide hallway and softening the light space. Hidden cameras burrowed in the walls, barely visible to even the most trained eye. My feet stopped before his door. With a deep breath, I held my hand on the handle, waiting for my fingerprint to be read. After hearing the lock click open, I stepped into his office, the smell of bleach reflected in the space that looked like a freshly cleaned hospital room.

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2192: Nerves – Oblivion, the Bane of my Existence

Chapter 1


Sector 7 – Tamiku (Formerly Bologna, Italy)

Tuesday August 7th, 2192

Oblivion. A word that once used to mean an absence of, often something destroyed. Now? Oblivion is a name whispered in fear, lest anyone should hear it spoken. Oblivion lived up to their name, spelling destruction every night. Their un-super soldiers robbing me of another night’s sleep, terrorising a world drenched in darkness.

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