2192: Nerves – Oblivion, the Bane of my Existence

Chapter 1


Sector 7 – Tamiku (Formerly Bologna, Italy)

Tuesday August 7th, 2192

Oblivion. A word that once used to mean an absence of, often something destroyed. Now? Oblivion is a name whispered in fear, lest anyone should hear it spoken. Oblivion lived up to their name, spelling destruction every night. Their un-super soldiers robbing me of another night’s sleep, terrorising a world drenched in darkness.

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Felt Sad, Might Delete Later

Sometimes I wonder whether my words would mean more if I was dead, than if I was alive. In theory, it makes sense, humans typically treasure the past more than the present, there’s a reason why society has treasured so many creatives only after they’ve died; Vincent Van Gogh is a prime example. It’s a dark thought, but I’ve considered being the Van Gogh of writing, but maybe without the missing ear.

There’s a stereotype where it’s considered oversharing to talk about your feelings and maybe it’s there for a reason, but I can’t keep giving people an unrealistic view of myself. Sharing isn’t really something I prioritise; mainly because I value my privacy, but I can’t keep living a superficial social media lie. For those who’ve known me for a while, this whole issue is part of the reason why I left social media in the first place.

This post is already such a mess and I hate disclosing any personal information about myself, but I’m going to try a little honesty. Transparency is dead on social media and I’ve always held myself a little distant, but I can do that without ignoring the shit and pretending that everything’s butterflies and rainbows.

I know the purpose of my existence and I’ve realised that people are more attracted to pain than constant happiness. Darkness is sexier than light and it’s time to embrace it.

Happy birthday A, I hope I broke your birthday bad luck. 

I’m letting go so I can begin a new chapter, there’s no point in glorifying the past while ignoring the present.

Sidenote: I am okay, thanks for asking, I’m just a hot mess from time to time…most of the time.

You’re Not Alone

Yeah I know I haven’t posted anything in ages and the last thing I posted was a dig at the catholic church, not a real story at all. For those of you who are out of the loop, May is mental health awareness month. That makes it the perfect time for me to reflect on my own mental health, as well as focusing on *insert name of secret project* (hint: it’s music related). Since I haven’t done anything for my non-existent fan base in a while, here it is, my playlist for Mental Health Awareness month.

This playlist is a reminder to myself that I’m not alone and neither are you. Sometimes life can feel like a fucking burden and all you feel is pain, but thankfully, that doesn’t last forever. All of the songs on this playlist come from different angles and perspectives, but they all touch on mental health in some way.

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The Notre-Dame Burns, Billionaires Write Cheques


When tragedy strikes the world, millionaires and billionaires have a single strategy; fight it with an open wallet. Unfortunately, that same approach hasn’t translated to long-term world problems. Take the tragic fire of the Notre Dame. An iconic building with history spanning centuries burns down and once again, the heads of corporations are tripping over themselves, trying to lay down cheques to pay for repairs.

Of course, it’s upsetting to see a French icon burnt at the stake, but does that really warrant millions if not billions of dollars in donations?

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Shatter My Moon – My

Chapter 2
Digital Redesign of Emperial Dawn’s Drawing

“How the hell do you know who I am?” I demanded, checking that my mask was still covering my face.

“I have my sources.” Yang winked at me before flicking her eyes towards my ears.

I was ready to slice her throat open. “You do realise I’m the one with a sword at your neck, don’t you?”

Yang didn’t get a chance to respond, her doorbell interrupted our moment.

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2192: Nerves – Another Useless Fight Sequence

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Sector 7, Tamiku

Saturday August 11th, 2192

When the tank blipped onto my radar, I knew I made the right choice. Protecting innocent lives without uprooting them was a delicate balance, but for once my decision had a happy ending. Maybe not for me. Trying to be a hero had a cost, one that I was willing to pay. Even though I grew up without my parents, that didn’t mean that kids like Henry had to be subjected to the same fate.

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Shatter My Moon – Shatter

Chapter 1
Digital Redesign of Emperial Dawn’s Drawing

A shattered moon raced across the rooftops and shone against the bulletproof window panes, partially blocking my view of the apartment within. Two hours had passed since the lights had switched off in the apartment, hopefully enough time for the sole resident to enter a deep sleep. My target was Yang Xiao Long, a gang leader of some sort. I’d heard her name, but I didn’t pay much attention at my earlier briefing. All the kills were the same anyway, scope out the target’s location, decide on the easiest way to kill them and then do it.

I worked for the Schnee Death Company, run by the legendary Weiss Schnee. Not by choice, but it was hard to get work when you had cat ears attached to your head. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade my enhanced senses and extra appendages for the world, but being an assassin for a Schnee wasn’t exactly my career of choice.

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2192: Nerves – Bleach

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Ventro – Bleach

Sector 7, Tamiku

Saturday August 11th, 2192

As I paced down the cold passageway towards the office, I kept my face neutral; even though I was dreading every second. The plush carpet was a light grey, filling the wide hallway and softening the light space. Hidden cameras burrowed in the walls, barely visible to even the most trained eye. My feet stopped before his door. With a deep breath, I held my hand on the handle, waiting for my fingerprint to be read. After hearing the lock click open, I stepped into his office, the smell of bleach reflected in the space that looked like a freshly cleaned hospital room.

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